Friday, 19 March 2010

Globe Cabinets

Do you have a drinks cabinet at home? If you live in a modest home in London like our good selves, it's unlikely but would you like one?

Mr Norman has long fancied a globe drinks cabinet. For the uninitiated, these cabinets are replicas of originals from the 17th century, when rich gentlemen liked to discuss the world - and perhaps their next voyage of discovery, over a glass or two of something special.

The maps, with their illustrations of sea monsters, landmarks and foreign peoples reveal a window into the thinking of the time.

Still, the main attraction would be to fill it with drinks that remind you of Christmas when you were little. Ours, depending on size (they come in various sizes and can cost over a grand) shall contain vermouth, very dry sherry, advocaat and brandy, martini glasses and Waterford crystal brandy bloomers. There'd also be pink flamingo and Stuart Crystal stirrers (the latter being the crystal of the region where I grew up).

Of course it'd look ridiculous in our modern flat, but therein lies the appeal.


  1. I've toyed with the idea as much as seeing if they're available on eBay, but I think it might be step to far. I'd love a Fifties or Sixties or even Seventies drinks cabinet, but not the globe one. Too bulky. But I can see the appeal.

  2. I haven't - but can see the appeal. I've got a mate who still does spirits in crystal decanters on a silver tray..

    You'd have to store an international drinks collection in a globe surely? Dubonet, Advocaat, JD, Jamesons, J and B Rare..

  3. I think it would sit well in Norman Towers. Due to space issues, we went for the Pat Butcher Commemorative 6-bottle Rotating Optic Stand - £19.99 from Norwich market.

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  5. FC, I think you should buy a 70s Scandinavian design cabinet and host a party the night of the next general election. If you're willing.

    Mondo, I suppose we should be more adventurous, but we like what we like, anglophile old goats that we are. I think you should invest in a bar of sorts.

    Louis, I can't wait to see this.

  6. Other comments - there were 2 other comments that I accidentally deleted without reading. Please rewrite if you can be bothered*. Sorry.

    *Unless they're Graham Leslie Coxon related, natch, in which case cock off.

  7. [KarateKid]Coxon, Coxoff.[/KarateKid] Next weekend, my love, and it will be replete with the Queen's own amber reviving fluid.

  8. I don't have a drinks cabinet - we just have a big messy pile of bottles shoved in the corner.

    When I'm older I want a bar, just off the lounge I think.

  9. Optics and Election Specials. We'll have to fit in a walk to the beach with the dog at some point too Louis.

    Cocktails - bottles don't last very long in our house. What we buy we tend to drink. I think a cabinet may help to make the set-up that little bit more controlled and sophisticated.