Thursday, 25 February 2010

Doctor Down Under!

Isn't it marvelous what you can find when hunting for Northern Soul nuggets on YouTube (Frank Wilson's 'could I love you' if you were wondering)? Such a path took me down the delightful road of Frank Wilson and Geoffrey Davies starring in 'doctor down under'. Incidentally, the name Geoffrey Davies caught my eye because it's the very same name as my groovy Uncle Geoff in Ebbw Vale. (Now you all wish you had one of those, don't you?)

If you've encountered this Oz version of our 'doctor in the house' show before then please feel free to comment below, but I haven't and neither, I was surprised to hear had Let's Look Sideways.

Just take a look at the screen grab above. It makes you want to know more doesn't it? (Maybe just me then?) Well, this is a late 70s sitcom (1979 to be precise) which ran to 13 episodes. The action takes place in a Sydney doctor's surgery where two English docs set up a practice.

Geoffrey's a cheating, lying, womanising gambler. The other doctor plays a strange hybrid of a responsible, caring doctor, and an over-the-top party-boy. Frank Wilson is Professor Norman Beaumont, a take-off of Professor Sir Geoffrey Loftus from the original Doctor series.

This footage shows the docs trying to skive off work to go to a party (a bit like House trying to dodge clinic, but also very different). A fancy dress party provides ample opportunity for double entendre:

When ordering a witch doctor costume the telephone conversation runs thus: 'I beg your pardon? No, he doesn't want anything to shake, he's got one of his own...'

There's plenty more...

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  1. This was Sunday afternoon filler on LWT for what seemed like much of my childhood. You and Let's Look Sideways with yer HTV/ATV ways.